02 September, 2009

This is the upstairs left side bedroom. This is what it looked like the first day we saw the house. Mr Knox was born in this room in 1916. My son choose this as his bedroom so this was the first room we restored. The three main bedrooms upstairs were named for their original colors. They are the Yellow Room, Rose Room and Blue Room. This is the Blue Room so we felt it should be blue again. After stripping the wallpaper and one layer of paint we found the original blue which was really quite bright and it appears that the original color may have been mixed with the plaster. My husband repaired several areas of damaged plaster which I believe the wall paper was put up to avoid doing earlier. We choose a two tone color scheme with a blue lower are and a gunship grey upper area. The floors are original and made of native hemlock.
Restoring the bedroom was really mainly scraping...wallpaper and paint. The wallpaper really didn't want to let go. My son loves the room. It gets both the morning sun and the afternoon sun so it is always bright and sunny.

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