04 June, 2010

Well work is progressing on the solarium. We scraped and scraped and scraped..............

After a few days of scraping we primed with an oil based primer because we were unsure of the type of the original paint(or paints) The oil based primer allowed us to paint over it with latex. The first two coats of white are on the walls. We picked out a beautiful pale blue for the ceiling but that's not done yet, hopefully it will be finished today.

You can see where my husband repaired the ceiling...no more old lathe showing!

This weekend I hope to start on the small indoor pond that will be below the big double windows.

Here are just a few shots of our late spring yard. We have had so much rain the roses got beat up while they were blooming but now the lilies are starting and soon the Japanese iris will open up. I hope they are are beautiful as the Dutch Iris were this year!