15 March, 2011

The Rose Room

Well its been a while since I have written but we have sort of been hunkered down for the winter but spring is here so back to work. We have finally finished(except for the ceiling) the Rose Room. This room was originally the nursery and is next to the upstairs master. The two are connected by a separate door and both rooms have doors to the main hallway.. We decided to make the nursery our den. This makes the upstairs master bedroom, which will be our guest room into a den/bedroom suite. When we first started to strip the wall paper we found under a couple of layers of paint the original nursery stencil freize. We were able to uncover one wall fairly intact so we decided to save the freize on the one wall. The stencils were done in1916 and they are several nursery rhyme characters. We matched the original color as closely as possible. This room was a fairly straight forward strip, plaster repair, paint job. We also replaced the bare hanging light bulb with a new stained glass fixture and restored the original push button light switch.

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