25 August, 2010

Ghost hunt at the Worth Knox House

Some strange things do happen at our house. Doors open and close on their own. Windows open on their own...casement windows not sash weight windows. Noises are often heard in the upstairs master bedroom closet. Made beds look like someone has been sitting on them. Shadows are seen in the kitchen etc, etc. It never bothers me but a local ghost hunting organization came to check it out. I don't know yet if they found anything or had any experiences but I will let you know if anything turns up.
The weather has been so hot and humid we haven't been doing much for the last two months. My husband repaired the bead board ceiling on the porch but that's been about it. We plan to start on finishing the door frame to the sunporch in the next few weeks as the temp goes down some.

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  1. This house was in my family for many generations. My granddad, Worth Knox, and his brothers John, Joe, and Robert were all raised there. I have beautiful memories of the house and property, particularly when my cousin, Theresa, Joe's daughter, was married there. Joe ended up living there in his retirement. I have some pictures of the original interior. It was amazing, something that even a young girl could see was something quite different. I am glad to see to much life is occurring in the old house. It deserved to be loved.